Disrupting the Film Industry

Openfilmmaking.com helps filmmakers and talent connect to make films by lowering the upfront costs and barriers to entry while awarding performers and crew with part ownership of the film.
Making a film is not cheap. 75% of filmmaking costs go towards cast and crew and adds up to tens and thousands of dollars. On top of this fact, Filmmakers find fundraising to be incredibly difficult without stars attached (almost impossible to do without funds), or the right connections and bank account. As such, only a select few truly independent films of quality are made. Even when these lower budget films get made it is increasingly difficult to recoup the expenses and see any profits. Openfilmmaking.com aims to turn the industry on its head with an innovative and mutual beneficial solution to filmmaking.

This site will make the filmmaking community more awesome by allowing more people to fulfill their dreams of making movies and telling their stories, and giving cast and crew ownership and much-deserved compensation in projects they are involved in. By removing the astronomical costs of filmmaking, more films can be made and stories told. Additionally, actual profits can be earned enabling creators and artists to make a living – meaning everyone involved benefits. Openfilmmaking.com seeks to be a true disruptor in the space that constantly seeks to cling to out dated ideologies and fierce gatekeeping.

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