Pitch Deck Design


Get a creative and compelling way to present and translate not only the meat and potatoes of your story, but what people can expect to see visually with our film pitch deck design services. Deliverable in 7 to 10 business days and includes up to 3 revisions.


How you sell your project matters. Get a pitch deck that succinctly sums up your film, theme, tone, aesthetic, and you and your current teams’ capabilities/accomplishments that will attract the right partners to take your film to the finish line. Remember, it’s easier for others to believe in your vision if you can illustrate that vision. Do just that with our pitch deck design services. We will work with you closely to determine the essence of your project, select the perfect images, font, color, text, and put together a stunning package that can be used for attaching equity members on openfilmmaking.com as well as further fundraising to complete your film.